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          Welcome to Shenzhen GTL Technology Co., Ltd.
          PCB Layout Design, Board Making, SMT One-stop Service Provider
          New Fourth Board Listing Code:669307

          0755-2997 6660

          Company profile
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          Founded in January 2008, Shenzhen GTL Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in PCB design, PCBA design, PCB board and SMT patch. The state-level high-tech enterprise was officially adopted in October 2014, and in November of the same year, it became a member of the Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Association.

          Our company specializes in high-speed, high-density PCB design, familiar with laminated structure and impedance design, ensuring stable quality of high-speed products, rich design experience for HDI boards, and providing customers with high-quality PCB all-around and mass production, PCB chip processing. Train services.

          The head office of Shenzhen has about 50 full-time design engineers, with more than 3 years of experience in per capita, more than 40% of undergraduate degrees, and 95% of college graduates.

          The Jiangxi Branch adopts the cooperation mode with the Information Engineering Department of Yichun College. It specializes in cultivating the PCB design skills of the electronic majors in the school. It has achieved good results. The graduates who choose to graduate from the company to work in the branch have effectively solved the problem of lack of reserve talents. Jiangxi Branch has more than 20 full-time engineers.

          Using advanced PCB design tools, we develop and perfect the SOP quality system before, during and after design. All products are designed in accordance with international standards, so that your products have a competitive advantage in quality, delivery and cost.

          In order to meet the design needs of customers in Taiwan and enhance the company's brand and international competitiveness, the Taiwan office was established in Neihu, Taipei in October 2010. As an Asian electronic design engine, Taiwan has an incomparable industrial status. The establishment of the Taiwan office marks that Jin Zhizhuo has become a high-end PCB design company.

          In August 2013, our company officially became Huawei's PCB design partner. A group of engineers entered the R&D building of Huawei headquarters. For Jinzhizhuo people, it is cooperation and learning. We will continue to improve our team's design ability and project management capability. To promote better and faster development of the company.

          In September 2015, the SMT production plant was officially put into operation. Provide processing services for difficult products, with a minimum placement of 01005 devices and a minimum BGA pitch of 0.3mm.

          In 2017, the company once again obtained the qualification of national high-tech enterprise, and at the same time obtained the qualification of Shenzhen high-tech enterprise to become a double-high enterprise.

          In June 2017, the company merged with Shenzhen Hongguo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to fully cooperate with wireless charging products.

          On June 30, 2017, the company successfully listed on the New Fourth Board of Shenzhen Qianhai Equity Exchange Center. The listing code: 669307 marks the company's new development and new launch.

          In January 2018, the company obtained the intellectual property management system certification, which will help enterprises establish a scientific and standardized intellectual property management system more effectively and enhance their domestic and international competitiveness.

          About GTL

          Technological companies focusing on electronic design, PCB Layout design, PCB board making, SMT patch one-stop service

          Sales Hotline:0755-2997 6660
          Service Specialist:136 7015 5505
          Add:Six Floors of Building B11, Hengfeng Industrial City, Hezhou, Hangcheng Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen


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